title:Why College Degrees?
author:Dante Peak
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

Formal education is one of those things that have become a part of our culture. It is nesecary and it is a prerequisites when applying for a job. Education to some extent, helps people get aquanted to and better experienced in the field which they are pursuing.
It happens when a “union” creates a curriculum to educate people, most of the time it is the youth. Formal education has become very systematic and well planned. It is used to promote principles and values as well as knowledge, and this can sometimes lead to abuse of the system.
Education has made the very core of our society it helps everybody who graduates, and teaches them the basics in life, something for them to build on. Although education is an excellent thing, one of the problems is that people who graduate have formed a box… an envelope to think in.
Myself as a computer technician, student pilot, & student of life, am always looking for ways to push the envelope. Education started very early for me. I never attended gred school and was though the O-Levels by my father. Soon after I enrolled into college and a year later had completed my diploma. I was 14.
My dad has always told me that education never ends. And no matter what we do or which industry we work in, we will always need to adapt to the changes as they come, this means we need to learn quickly. This does not mean we go out and get another college degree, instead it means that we must always have the ability to learn and not become close-minded.
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This does not nessesaryli mean the old guy was not doing a good job, it just means there was another guy doing a better job. The goal here is to stay open-minded and willing to learn new techniques to stay ahead of the competition and to always learn. Now all of us are bound to phase out some time or another, the point is to be at the top of our job, as long as we are capable.
My grandfather once told me that no matter what you lean or where you learn it from, the knowledge that will matter the most and make the most difference is the knowledge aquired by experience, because it sticks.