title:What Is Bullying?
author:Sarah Miles
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

Bullying is any form of intended hurtful behaviour inflicted on another person. Whether it is violence, name calling or threats, if you are intimidated by it then it is unacceptable and you need not suffer because of it.
The different types of bullying include :
Name Calling
Making things up to get you into trouble
Any forceful physical contact from hitting to being shoved
Taking things away from you
Damaging your belongings
Stealing your money
Taking friends away from you
Spreading rumours
Threats and intimidation
Making silent or abusive phone calls
Sending you offensive texts
Posting insulting messages on the internet or Instant Messenger
Bullies can also frighten you enough to make you not want to go to school so you’ll pretend to be ill to avoid them.
For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. The new Craze in the world of the bullies is ‘Happy Slapping’, a definite wrong description of the events that take place during one of these attacks.
The new form of assault, a victim is usually hit or punched while the bullies take pictures or record the attack with mobile phones, then circulate the footage via other mobile phones or place it on the internet.
Yet another cruel and callous way to inflict shame and hurt on another undeserved victim and it is lucky that no one has been killed so far. If you have suffered an attack such at this, don’t be ashamed or feel isolated, there are other people who have also been on the receiving end. It is a relatively new ‘craze’ so often the victims feel they cant tell anyone because either no one would believe them or that it was an isolated incident. It isn’t so please tell someone.