I’ve heard many here talk about it. And, I believed it, just seeing that there were fewer older teams, etc. But, now that my son is 14U and in the 8th grade, I am really seeing it.

Some of this 14U peers, because they were born in the summer, are now H.S. freshmen, trying out for their H.S. teams.

It’s interesting. Guys who were “All-Stars” in Little League (multiple times) and who were playing travel since they were 8U are not making their H.S. freshmen teams. Granted, it’s not all of them. Others did make their teams. But, some did not.

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If I had to put a rough number on it, I would say it’s half of half.
Half of the 14U players now (who were the all-stars, etc. back then) are freshmen and half of them are not making the H.S. team.
But, that’s really a rough estimate.

Of course, this is just freshmen baseball we’re talking about here. That’s easier than making JV or Varsity.
So, the funnel is going to strike again.

Again, I knew about the funnel. But, it’s not until you see it happening, with kids that you know, that you really get to see what it means. Check out the Funnel Hacking Live 2020 Updates