Top 7 FREE Fitness Newsletters

I’ve been involved for what it seems like full-time fitness for 16 years. Over the years (certainly since 2003), I’ve extensively examined my own success and the success of others for “keys” to success. Why? Because I’m a big believer in this concept:
***Success Can Be Duplicated***
That depends simply upon finding a plan that works and then working the plan that you found.
I’m gonna save you some time in looking. 🙂 I’m about to reveal my findings.
You see, there are some universal keys to “making it work” with any fitness program. Now, quite obviously, I can’t thoroughly explain each of them in this short article. So, what I’m going to do is list them with a brief explanation, and then provide you with a completely free resource for each of them that will give you greater insight. These are resources that I’ve learned wheelbarrows full of wisdom from the information contained in them. Out of the 3 billion and growing websites on the planet, you can’t go wrong with these.
There are seven cream of the crop online fitness newsletters…
1. Marc David’s – BeginningBodybuilding Success begins with an “understanding”. That is, you figure out the basics, you learn about such concepts like nutrition, training and supplements and with that insight, you propel yourself to even great heights. Everything fitness is based on fundamentals. Learn those fundamentals and you’ll get past the beginner stages.
** Marc David has a free PDF report entitled, “Top 12 Beginner Mistakes” which you can download at
Click here for more information on 9 Best Cloud Hosting Providers and Services Dynomoon. Or click here if you’re looking for information on How to Delete Messages on iPhone for both people The Best Way 2022.2. Tom Venuto’s – BurntheFat While Tom does sell a nutritional bible that sets the gold standard in quality fitness books, he doesn’t stop there. BurntheFat’s newsletter is crammed full of content each week. I’m amazed that Tom keeps it up week after week with top quality information. I’ll be the first to admit he’s a mentor to me. His tag line “The Honest Fitness Site” is entirely true!
** If you need to learn about building muscle or burning body fat, you will find Tom’s short newsletter to be invaluable. Grab a copy at
** For a really quick start, I’d recommend listening to some fitness audio that covers topics on nutrition, training and supplements in a nice but short question and answer format. Most of the audio is only 5 minutes per topic. Take a look at
3. Kyle Battis’ – HomeGymSecrets Another one of those NSCA- CPT guys (for those who don’t know, that is a serious personal training certification), Kyle does a sensation job of giving out the goods. He writes articles and answers questions in a non-typical format. That means he writes to you like you were the only person in the room. Plus he’s got this weekly audio series that is short, to the point and just plain powerful.
** Kyle Battis has put together a home gym secrets newsletter that reveals how to build an effective home gym. There’s also great tips on nutrition, training and he breaks up some of those nasty myths too! You can download a free copy of it at
4. Jon Benson’s – FitOver40 Jon is the “king of the hill” when it comes to making a life change and solving his own problems. Jon examines his own situation and proves that it’s never too late to make changes at any age that are significant. His newsletter is passionate and leading in bodybuilding and fitness for those over 40. However, I find it valuable regardless of your age.
** If there’s one “expert” on working out when you are older, it’s Jon. His newsletter and information is an eye- opener for those who just think after 40 it’s over. Nothing could be further from the truth. See what Jon has to say at
5. Lewis Wolk’s – AtoZ Fitness Exceptional information is just the start. Somehow this guy convinced many experts (including myself) to contribute weekly articles. You’ll find featured articles on health and fitness, recipes, workout tips and tricks and so much more. First class authors contribute to A to Z Fitness weekly. There’s so much content, you might as well print it out.
** There is a short mini-course entitled “6 Simple Steps to Success in 6 Days: You will learn how to transform your self image into a solid reality using a simple (but effective) step by step method & start getting real results in 30 days.. Just go to
6. David Grisaffi’s – Firm Your Abs The problem that most people run into is this: they don’t have any idea how to get a 6 pack of abdominals. They rush out and buy more fat burner pills and the latest in ab technology. What they don’t do is find information. David is a top-notch personal training who focus on the abs and techniques that you can use to show them off.
** David has a great “16 Tips To Maximize Your Fat Loss” report. You can grab a complimentary copy at
7. Nick Nilsson’s – BetterU Nick is the creator of the “Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of” series. He doesn’t a bang up job on book reviews and his weight training and fitness newsletter is just one of those you’ll read, file away and refer back to again. Nick’s given me some real neat exercises I’ve used that nobody in my gym has ever seen. The more you know, the easier it becomes. He’s even got things you can do on the road if you travel a lot. Pack your suitcase extra heavy and make your lats bigger.
** Nick has an entertaining and second to none fitness newsletter that you’ll enjoy. His writing style is smart and you’ll even get a complimentary copy of “79 Fat Loss and Exercise Questions Answered” all at
And you’ll have the final – and most entertaining – resource in place.
These are the seven “newsletters” to “making it work” with any fitness program.
Use them wisely and you’ll soon be opening the door to greater success.
Copyright 2006 Marc David