Tips for Helping Remove Anxiety, Depression and Stress Over Lost Loved Ones During The Holidays

Tips for Helping Remove Anxiety, Depression and Stress Over Lost Loved Ones During The Holidays
During the Holidays, when family and closeness is a premium on everyone’s mind, there are those of us who do not have loved ones in our lives, as they have departed. In my years as a Medical Intuitive and Intuitive Energy Healer, the holidays bring an increased amount of physical and emotional malaise to people due to the fact that depression sets into our psyche if our world is less than we want, and that imbalanced energy, in turn, triggers the body to respond and manifest physical “illness”.
Below is a compilation of situations that help you alleviate your “lost love” scars, and offers ideas on how to turn your anxiety, depression, stress and pain into positive attitudes and actions by being another person’s joy.
Let’s address your environment. You might have the biggest space in your office, the fanciest house on your street, but your world is still empty. For every room that is empty in your house, take presents to a home that only has one room. For office space that leaves you asking “is this all there is?”, go meet the employees who work pay check to paycheck and take them out to lunch, or take the time to get to know that person that you pass everyday and don’t even know their name. It may not seem important to you, but you will have enriched the life of another individual by listening to what they have to say, by validating their existence, or by showing that you care about what is going on in their life, environment and home. You can dispel your emptiness by filling up their life with your care.
How about family “problems” that starts with your husband or wife. Perhaps during this tense social season, y’all fight over whose family to visit or which party to attend. Orphans have no family choices, so give to those where you have pain………….. BE a family for an orphan, so that you add a family life where life was taken from others. Then your family will be a healing unit, and will hopefully give you a new perspective. Take the widow or widower to lunch or invite them to your celebrations, help create happiness and inspire giggles where there is isolation and depression.
And don’t forget those who had hopes of a “family” that never came to pass, as their loved one was lost to an auto accident, a war, or through disease. Their hearts are dying a thousand times in memory of what “could have been” during this holiday season. Not only did they loose a loved one, they also lost the hope they had, and the opportunity to experience their dream before it became a reality. Try to include these folks in your holiday plans, even though they protest……. it will help them re enter social functions, and remind their soul that there is life, and hope and dreams after death.
Then there are the children who lost parents. The following is taken from the book the “Heavenly Express for MY Daddy”. It’s a child’s conversation with her Mother after the loss of her Father.
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“That’s easy, put both of your hands on your heart, and close your eyes, and you can feel Daddy’s hug. It feels like pouring a warm shower of love all over your body.”
“How can I talk to him or get his advice?”
“You can talk out loud to him, or thru your heart. Just because you can’t see his Soul, doesn’t mean he’s not there. Daddy is like the sun. When you can’t see it, you always know it’s still there! Daddy will ALWAYS be there to listen to whatever you have to say and to give you advice, no matter what! Your Daddy’s special answers are just for you, and are delivered directly thru YOUR heart”
Suggest to those that lost parents to ask their deceased parents about those holidays quandaries through their heart and suggest that they share holiday comments too!!! Being on the other side of the veils will not hamper that parental advice at all!
When a person is missing the special warm hugs and love that only a grandmother or grandfather can give, suggest that they Dress up as Mrs. Claus, and go hug every child that is an orphan, and not only has no grandmother, but has no mother……………. Suggest they go to an oncology ward, or nursing home and just hug people who others have not hugged. I visited my 101-year-old grandmother, and met her 96-year-old friend Rose. After I hugged Rose, she said that was the first hug she had received in the 10 years after her husband died. The last hug she received was from her minister………at her husband’s funeral…………
SO go hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANY need just a hug to turn their day or life around.
And don’t forget the deceased pets, which are part of the extended family. Take the presents that you were going to give Muffy, Fluffy or Horace and give it to the Humane Society, animal rescue or the local pet shelter. Although you may still be grieving, your gift will create joy for a living pet or animal, and add to their life. Pets grieve too. Perhaps your contribution will even help a pet keep on keeping on, until they are chosen to be part of a family.
When you take your pain, and turn it into doing something nice for someone else, your attention shifts away from you, and the heartfelt gratitude you receive from others, if only for a split second, takes away your pain, personal anxiety, stress and depression. So, make your heart scars less heavy, and your love stars a little brighter for the lives of someone less fortunate than you.
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