The 7 Essential Elements To Build Big Muscle

To build big muscle is no mean feat. You need to
know the right approach and then build your
foundation properly.

If you’re going to build muscle mass, then freestyle
exercises are not appropriate. Freestyle exercises
have their place. They build a solid foundation for
beginners wishing to take up bodybuilding. They
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Where you want to become big, or bigger at least,
you need some sort of resistance. It really depends
on your goal. You need weight resistance that
focuses on each muscle area individually, in order
to build big muscle.

So you use weights for this purpose. Using this
resistance against each muscle area you want to
develop, you’ll build big muscle. To do this you’ll
need different exercises, so that you can focus that
resistance on each muscle target.

1 — Choose Your Bodybuilding Workout Exercises:
If you’re a beginner, I suggest that you begin
working on these particular exercises, as they
build the foundation for big muscle:

* Bench Press (works the chest, shoulders and

* Barbell Rows (back and biceps)

* Squats (legs and lower back)

* Overhead Press (shoulders and triceps)

* Curls (biceps)

* Dumbbell Press (triceps)

For the more advanced bodybuilder, just make
sure that the exercises you chose are focusing fully
on each muscle group and are working for you.
Sometimes your body becomes amuned to
exercises after doing them for some time.
Therefore they are not as effective anymore.

All you need to do is to change that routine. Try
different exerises. This will be a shock to the body,
causing these new exercises to be more effective.
Thus helping you build big muscle more

As a matter of fact, you should change your
bodybuilding workout routine regularly so as not to
allow your body to become resistant to the effects
of each exercise.

As for beginners, you must work on your chosen
exercises before moving onto an advanced
training program. Your body must become used to
this workout first.

Before starting any sort of workout, what should
you do?

2 — Warm up:
I can’t stress this enough. One of the biggest
causes in muscle fatigue, and poor muscle
response, is lack of a good warm up. The amount
of time spent on a warm up session varies. If it’s
cold, you should warm up for about ten minutes. If
the room temperature is warm, and your body is
warm too, maybe around five minutes will do. But…

For best results, you’ve gotta do a good warm up

If this is your first time training, my advice is to find
a good gym with professional coaches, to guide
you properly as you begin your journey into
building big muscle. You’ll start off with light
weights and machines. Increasing the weight
resistance as you make suitable progress.

As your body becomes more conditioned to using
weights, and the amount of weight increases, so
too will your ability to perform heavier workouts.
Thus, allowing you to build big muscle.

If you’re a little more seasoned, then you’ll know
what I’m talking about… don’t you? You do, don’t

3 — Build Big Muscle Mass:
This is where you use heavy weights. This means
that the weight you lift is sufficient to challenge you.
I suggest that you don’t move beyond 12 reps. So,
the maximum you should be able to lift is up to 12
repetitions of any one exercise. If you are going
over that, then the resistance is minimal. Therefore
not effective enough in building the big muscle you

When I suggested that you do 12 reps, I mean that
you should be fatigued by that stage. So much so,
that doing a thirteenth rep would be near
impossible. This is known as training to failure.

4 — Do Not CHEAT:
Yep… you heard right. When performing an
exercise, a person’s natural tendency is to cheat a
little. Because the weight is so great, it’s easier to
cheat a small bit and use your own weight to
nudge the heavy weight to where you want it to go.

5 — Be Strict:
For example, lets say that you’re curling a barbell
(for biceps). You start off well. The lift is pretty ok
and you are only using the muscles that are
required for this exercise. But, as you go through a
few reps, the weight appears to become heavier.
It’s not. It’s just you’re becoming more fatigued.

As you reach the higher reps, the natural tendency
is to give it a little hand, causing the effect of the
exercise on that muscle to greatly reduce as you
are not restricting the exercise to that muscle.

Be strict. Don’t give in to the urge to do this. It takes
a great deal of personal discipline to make sure
you don’t cheat. Take this advice and you won’t go
wrong. In this case, when faced with the option of
taking the easy way out or working through it the
hard way —

Opt for the hard way. It has the most profound
effect. It is the way to achieve your goal of building
big muscle!

6 — How To Get over This:
It’s still not easy, but it helps — I look at the number
of reps I need to perform. When you really look at
it, “12” is not a big number, is it? So, I look at it as a
small thing.

As the urge to cheat kicks in, I say to myself:

“12 is not a big number – I’ll be there is a few

Try it. See how it works for you. Cheating can lead
to —

7 — Injuries:
The other negative aspect of heavy weight training
is injuries. Usually caused by jerking heavy
weights, cheating, strain and overall poor
performance of these exercises.

Reduce the likelihood of it by being more careful
and training in the proper manner. This is why that
I suggest beginners seek professional help,
especially where they have never done any sort of
physical workout with weight resistance training

In summary, here are the 7 elements to build big
muscle —

1. Choose your bodybuilding workout routine.
2. Warm up first.
3. Build big muscle mass.
4. Do Not CHEAT.
5. Be Strict.
6. Prevent yourself from cheating.
7. Avoid injury.

Stick with these helpful hints and they will help you
stick with you your routine that will help you
achieve your goal to build big muscle.