The baseball funnel is very crowded at the bottom of the baseball pyramid with only a few players making it to the top of the pyramid starting at the high school, college and yes even in professional baseball level where the top of the funnel gets very narrow with only the best players making it into major league baseball. People interested in baseball funnels often ask what is Russell Brunson’s Net Worth ?- well you can find out here

Little League Funnel

Why is the baseball funnel so crowded at the top and bottom in little league baseball?Because at this level there are many, many kids playing baseball and usually everyone plays in the game that’s why it crowded at both the top and bottom, unless you’re playing on an elite team where only the best players are selected to play on that team.

And many of the kids and their parents don’t realize that playing baseball is hard and even harder to make a living at it.

Only the best player will rise to the top of the baseball funnel that’s why you should get the proper baseball training starting at the T-ball age is so important for the success of all little league baseball players to have a personal trainerto become a polished baseball player.

By the time many of these players reach high school there baseball career will end if they are not as polished as the other baseball players entering high school. Along the way, you might ask yourself Is ClickFunnels Worth It? and you can find out here

Why does this happen?It happens because the parent and kid don’t realize that they would need proper baseball training as the kid move toward high school to compete at that level.

This training should begin with T-baseball not when you reach high school. I would say that about 98% of all little league baseball players who enter high school will not make the varsity team by the time they are juniors and seniors.

Why? Because they never got the necessarytrainingto complete at a higher level of baseball.

High School Funnel
As the little leaguers who makes it through the top of the funnel to their high school baseball team move through and fromlevel-1 baseball funnel to their high school the funnel continue to get narrow at the top.

Many players stop playing baseball by the time they are juniors and seniors and never play baseball again after high school.

Why?Because by that time they realize that they are not going to make the varsity team because of a lack of proper training. This lack of training cause many good little league baseball players not to fulfill their dreams to play baseball at all 5 levels of baseball

Colege Funnel
The baseball funnel at this point is smaller at the top and only the best players form high school gets a scholarship to play baseball for that university.

By now these players know what it takes to compete at a higher lever of baseball and should work hard to make it to the next level of baseball.

At this level the bottom of the funnel is very crowded and only a select few will make it out the top of the funnel to the next level of baseball.

Even at this level baseball scoutsare looking for polished baseball playersthat they believe can make it at the professional level of baseball.

Professional Funnel
Once at this level you should continue to train and work harder than you ever had before.Why? Because this is your last chance to prove to the scouts and general managers that you belong there.

The baseball funnel at this level is very, very, very small and you will be evaluated and compared to every player in major league baseball system as you move up to the next highest level.

You must train hard and continue to develop your skills if you expect to make it to major league baseball (MLB).It is very critical for you to improve and all the other player in the system at this point.

Your goal here should be to work hard, continue to develop your skills and become a more polished baseball player then what you was went the drafted you out of no-school, high school or college.

You have very little time before the organization makes a decision on you after a few years to keep you or release you.

If you was drafted out high school they may give you a few more years to develop your skills than that of a college player especially if you was a late round draft pick time is not on your side to play around and not work hard.

Most high school draft picks get more chances to prove their skill because they are younger.

So work hard, never stop improving your game and skills and when the opportunity comes make the jump and leap to the next level of major league baseball to prove that you belong there.