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There are probably only a handful of homes in America without a vacuum cleaner to call their own

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There are probably only a handful of homes in America without a vacuum cleaner to call their own. These household tools have become ubiquitous for a very good reason they help make the almost never-ending chore that is housework just that little bit easier. But this valuable tool has come a long way since it was first invented well over a century ago, and recent technological advances in all types of engineering have rendered the humble vacuum cleaner almost unrecognizable from its predecessor of only a few years ago. So with all these different shapes and makes of vacuum, how do you know which one is best for you?

Since we humans have lived in caves, we have delighted in personalizing the environment in which we live, and this is a trend that continues unabated to this day. Our many differences are part of what makes us so very interesting, and this is reflected as well in our choice of household furnishings as it is anywhere else. While some of us love the snug feeling that thick carpets provide, others prefer the clean lines afforded by tile or wooden floors. So with so many household accessories available with which to decorate our homes, it is no wonder that so many diverse vacuum cleaners are available on today s market.

The first question to ask when selecting a vacuum cleaner is what are your own household s needs. A domestic vacuum is suitable for most home environments, but a sturdier model might be more suitable if you are particularly heavy on the dust and dirt! This type of vacuum might be the best choice if you run a particular type of business from home, such as a car or woodwork shop.

A special type of vacuum cleaner might also be required if there are any allergy sufferers in your home if this is the case, choose a vacuum with HEPA technology to minimise the allergens that cause the problems. Otherwise, a standard domestic model should be suitable for you.

Many vacuums differ simply in size and shape, and choosing between an upright, a canister, a backpack or a hand held vacuum is simply a question of personal preference. Upright vacuums are very easy to store, slipping neatly into an alcove or cupboard, while backpack vacuums are more easily carried about the house, helping you to get to those out-of-the-way areas more easily. Hand held vacuums are best for small spills and messes, making them the ideal compliment to another type of machine.

Vacuum cleaners are available in a size and shape to suit every home, so there is no excuse to get cleaning! Choose the type that fits your home and lifestyle best, and you won t ever look back.