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Silk bedding has been around for centuries, but all of a sudden it s making a huge wave in the bedding industry.

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Soft, light and beautifully elegant silk has for centuries been a symbol of ultimate luxury and sheer opulence. From Chinese Emperors to European Kings, silk has always been displayed for the admiration of others. Today, very little has changed. When someone mentions a silk dress, suit or even silk bedding an image of luxury and wealth springs to mind. This is because over the centuries even with all the technological advances in fibres and synthetic yarns, silk is still the fabric of choice for the ultimate luxury items.

Silk bedding is no exception to this rule. Being stronger and harder wearing than cotton bedding, silk bedding can far outlast synthetic rivals. Silk is naturally strong, and silk bedding made using long-fibre mulberry silk is extremely strong. This is because the long fibres found in mulberry silk have a cumulative effect on the finished article, giving it both more flexibility and combined durability than shorter fibre silk products. This strength is part of silk bedding s attractiveness when it comes to durability. When silk is cleaned using a silk detergent, the silk fibres rejuvenate giving the silk elasticity and strength that far outlasts cotton and polyester, making silk bedding both a luxurious and wise long-term investment.

Something quite new on the bedding scene in recent years is a silk filled duvet. These duvets, as one would expect are filled with silk rather than the more traditional fillings of down and polyester. Sleeping under silk brings a whole new experience, one that Chinese Emperors have allegedly enjoyed for generations. Silk, being a natural fibre is healthier than sleeping under synthetic polyester. Dust mites find silk an inhospitable environment to live in which makes silk filled duvets very attractive to anyone who suffers from hay fever and dust mite related allergies.

Silk duvets are unlike other duvets in that they help our bodies to regulate their heat throughout the night. Long fibre mulberry silk duvets are layered by hand placing the silk in an intricate grid pattern. This allows some of the heat we generate throughout the night to escape, and this in return keeps us cool. Because our overall temperature is kept regulated throughout the night, we sleep better. Simple and yet such a clever idea. Why we haven t we been using these duvets for years is a good question, but they are here now and after using one going back to conventional duvet is simply impossible.