Online Pharmacies Offer Convenience and Privacy

I experienced an extremely embarrassing moment in public the other day that I hope to never experience again. It was the kind of moment that can crush a person’s confidence and send them rushing for cover mentally. It was one of those moments that makes the classic nightmare of going to school in your underwear look like a pleasant occasion.
I am a grown man and I was always taught that grown men cannot run from their problems, so when I recently discovered that I was having problems living up to my end of the bargain in bed with my wife, I had to accept that I was not the young buck I used to be many years ago. Many men over forty experience this problem and there are many solutions to it. Most of these solutions include some sort of prescription pharmaceutical drug that needs to be purchased at a pharmacy. A trip to the doctor’s office for a prescription of Viagra or Cialis followed by a trip to the pharmacy and you are on your way to feeling twenty-five again when asked to perform sex.
My doctor set me right up with a prescription and I wasted no time going to my local pharmacy to get my Viagra. I walked right up to the counter and handed over my prescription to the pharmacist, who happened to be an attractive young lady. I felt a little embarrassed revealing my sexual problem to her, but I just kept telling myself that she was a professional and would not be judgmental of me. She did her best to act professional, but I could have sworn that I detected a slight smile on her face as she told me “it will be ready in about five minutes”. I smiled back at her nervously and told her “I will wait”, and then I took a seat over on a nearby bench.
As I was waiting for my prescription of Viagra a most interesting thing happened. In walked an ex-girlfriend from college that I almost married. We had a very tumultuous relationship for three years that ended in my senior year when I finally broke up with her. For some reason she did not see it coming, and she was quite torn up emotionally about the whole thing. I guess my immaturity at that time insulated me from the emotional pain that the more mature members of the female gender endure when they experience a breakup in college. To me the breakup was no big deal, but to her it seemed like the end of the world. I guess only one of us was capable of being in love at that time.
I had not seen this woman in over twenty years, and all of a sudden there she was standing right in front of me in my neighborhood pharmacy. After an awkward meeting we began to talk a little bit. She seemed intent on asking me all sorts of questions about how my life was going, as if she had the right to know. I was quite stand-offish, and only offered basic information with a slight amount of embellishment to make me look good. Then came the question she had been waiting over twenty years to ask: “Are you married?” she inquired with an overly curious-looking grin on her face. I did not want to give her any kind of satisfaction of knowing that my marriage had been experiencing a bit of a crisis lately due to my sexual ineptness, so I told her “yes” and followed it up with “and quite happily too”. She sensed that I was not quite sincere with my answer, and that seemed to embolden her. I was clearly rattled, and wanted to get out of that conversation as soon as possible. Right at that moment the pharmacist called out to me and said that my order was ready. I broke away from my conversation with my ex-girlfriend and shuffled over to the counter where the nice young lady was waiting with my order in hand. Much to my dismay, my ex-girlfriend shuffled right up to the counter and stood right next to me as the pharmacist was ringing up my order at the register. She said to me “it was nice to see you”, and then she immediately zeroed in on my prescription bottle to see what kind of drug I was ordering. It was at that moment my whole aura of confidence was shattered. She looked back up at me and said “see ya’ around…” She then grinned from ear to ear and said “…and don’t forget to take those pills a couple hours before sex or they won’t help you at all…so I’ve heard.” A nervous laugh was all I could manage as a reply, and then I just turned and walked out of that pharmacy with my tail between my legs. It was a moment of sweet revenge for my ex-girlfriend, and a moment of extreme humiliation for me.
All of this humiliation could have been avoided if I had just decided to order my Viagra online instead of at a brick and mortar pharmacy store. Ordering online is safe, fast, and convenient. Most online pharmacies like offer overnight delivery, and your prescriptions are delivered in plain packages that will not reveal to anyone that there is a product inside that deals with any highly sensitive conditions you may have. All reputable online pharmacies have secure sites that are SSL certified so that any credit card or bank information you enter is kept completely safe from hackers or phishers. They are licensed pharmacists who get the same FDA approved drugs that your neighborhood pharmacy gets. All you have to do is access one of these web sites online, order your prescription drugs with a credit card and the order will usually arrive the very next day at your front door via a courier service like UPS or FEDEX. What could be more safe, fast and convenient than that?
In most cases, buying prescription drugs online is cheaper than buying them at a traditional pharmacy. The online stores have less overhead. They do not have to pay for salaries and benefits of store employees, not to mention an expensive lease for their store. These kinds of savings are passed on to the online customers by the owners the online pharmacies and this makes for very good prices on all prescription drugs.
Whether you order Viagra, Cialis, Propecia, Zoloft, Penicillin or a prescription for hemorrhoids, no-one but you will know if you order your prescriptions at an online pharmacy. Even the FEDEX person who delivers your medications will have no idea of the contents in your packages. And if that FEDEX person just so happens to an old girlfriend who is looking to validate in her mind that it was a good thing you and her broke up, then she will be denied that satisfaction.
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