Fitness Goal Secrets – Revealed Here

Before discussing Fitness Goal Secrets, let me ask you something:

Have you ever find yourself wandering around

You’re doing stuff. You know what your goal is, but
you’re still not getting anywhere near your target.

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I know what I want. I’m doing the things I need to
do to get me there. So what’s wrong? Why is my
goal still out of reach?

Discover how to bring your goals within your grasp
through these fitness goal secrets —

Goals are a funny thing that many people disagree
with. Maybe some people don’t see a point in
having a goal. Maybe they’ve set goals before and
they didn’t pan out. Maybe setting a goal gives
them the impression that just by doing so, you’ll
succeed… whereas they realize that this isn’t the

As far as a lot of people are concerned, it doesn’t
work! They don’t realise what their fitness goal
secrets are.

And do you know what?

They’re right!

The thing is — they’re wrong too:-)

Your Fitness Goal Secrets, or deciding what you’re
goal should be, is through feelings. All too often,
we feel with our heads.

Impossible, right?

Your goal should come from your heart, no matter
how impossible it me seem, and not your head.
Yes, you should use your head too. But only to help
you work out the particulars of how to get there.
This is a major key in realizing your fitness goals.

Your Fitness Goal Secrets Revealed:
If you can’t feel the emotions running wild at the
thought of achieving your goal, then that goal isn’t
right for you! Don’t think logically about you goal in
the first place. What is it you want?

What get your heart racing, your blood boiling,
keeps you awake at night and makes your palms
sweaty… at the mere thoughts of achieving
something? That is one of the key fitness goal

Is it to build muscle beyond your wildest dreams?

Maybe you want to run a marathon, but never ran
more that a couple of miles straight. Maybe it’s to
make money to get you out of your debts. Or could
it be getting a degree, even though you’re not the
studious type?

That’s what you want in your heart… a feeling that
tells you that you must follow it, even though it
seems impossible. This is where the head usually

The head usually tells you that YOU could never
achieve that muscle. It tells you that YOU can never
complete a marathon… it’s impossible. It tells you
that people like YOU will never make money… it’s
not meant to be. It tells you that YOU’RE not clever
enough to ever reach any academic goal.

Essentially, it tells you lies.

Your decisions are based on your experiences
throughout your life. All experiences, good and
bad, are deposited into you’re mind’s banks. When
you come across a situation that seems familiar, or
relative to a past experience, you mind tells you —

“Watch Out!”.

Then it concocts stories that are designed to
frighten or unnerve you. So you decide —

“this isn’t for me!”

And Quit — before you even start.

Recognize when that little voice in your head tells
you that this isn’t right for you. Tell that voice —
“Thanks for your input pal, but no thanks.” This is
an important part of your fitness goal secrets.

Once you have chosen your goal, and you feel
excited, you have another two-step to do in this
process. These are vital steps and are the very
steps that most people leave out.

Step 1 –
A Decisive Goal.

Yep, you thought you had your ideal goal in mind.
and yet you did. But you need to make it clear. For

If you want a new sports car, but you don’t know
what make or model you want, what will happen?

Sure, you’ll get your car. But chances are, you get
any old car.

How can this be?

There are millions of cars out there. There are
more ordinary cars, than sports cars. So the
chances are that you’ll end up with an ordinary car
because your goal wasn’t clear. Your ordinary car
may have a spoiler on it and a set of sports wheels.
But it’s still an ordinary car.

How do you get your sports car, if that is your goal?


Ok, so you want a sports car. What type? What
make and model? What year should it be. What
size engine should it have? What color should it
be? How should it sound? What mileage is
acceptable on the clock? Should it be new or
used? By what exact date do you want to own this
car by?

Details, details, details.

So you want bigger muscle. Is it your biceps? Or
do you want bigger muscle in your legs, chest,
back, triceps, etc.? Exactly how much bigger do
you want to be? How well defined do you want
your muscle to be. When do you want to have
achieved this goal by?

The same principle applies to any goal, even if it’s
to become world champion at tiddlywinks.

Step 2 –
A Clear Goal.

Now that you have chosen your goal, in step one
above, it’s time to make it clear in your mind. Yes I
know I said that you shouldn’t let your head rule
your heart. But what you should do is follow your
passion and desires. Then use your head to
logically bring about those desires, even though it
may be battling with you.

In your mind I want you to see your goal as exactly
as you want it, with all the glorious detail. At the
same time I want your emotions to run wild. Feel
what it would be like to achieve this goal. Would
you feel on top of the world? Are you on a high just
thinking about it?

As you feel it, keep looking at it in your mind’s eye.
Combine the power of both thought and emotion
to feed your desire. The more you feed your desire,
the closer to you goal you will get… provided you
follow that with action.

Do this on a daily basis. Certainly first thing each
morning and last thing at night. And numerous
times in between where you can. It can be done

Who’s going to know?

To summarize, decide what your goal is. Not
through your head, but with your heart. Emotion is
the key. Make your goal as detailed as possible.
The ore detail there is, the better. Now see it in
your mind. It must be a clear goal. Combining the
power of emotion and the emotion of desire, you
will be fired up to take the appropriate action to get
you there.