EKCS Is This Your Dream Home?

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Enter a new type of home. A home that stands up to fire, noise, sun, wind, rain, snow, bugs, mould and inevitable acts of God like, earthquakes and hurricanes; a home that give you unprecedented comfort and a breath of fresh air 24 hours a day; a home that can resist hurricanes in Florida as well as sub arctic temperatures in the Canadian North.

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Are you aware that a new type of home exists that is guaranteed to change the way you live?

A home that is:
2X more energy efficient than a conventional wood-framed home.
3X more sound resistant than a wood-framed wall.
4X more fire resistant than a wood-framed wall.
9X stronger than a conventional wood-framed home.

Picture yourself surrounded by comfort, quiet and beauty. This is what awaits you, once you have decided to make the move to the home you deserve. A home that is affordable, yet superior in every way.

It is a fact that today s well-informed homeowners are looking for newer, more efficient ways to build homes. They want strength, comfort and lower energy bills, while also allowing for flexibility of design and lower future maintenance costs. Energy efficiency remains the quickest, cheapest and cleanest way to help lower home energy bills.

Building technology has advanced greatly. Quality builders are using ICF s (Insulated Concrete Forms) to create homes that are safer, stronger and healthier than ever before. This type of building is based on simple, interlocking, stacking blocks made from flame-retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels connected by molded-in high density polyethylene structural foam bridging. Filled with concrete, these blocks create a monolithic wall with a minimum insulation value of R25; which then because of the heat retaining properties of concrete increase their performance to R50. They also have a fire rating which is just under four hours. In addition to all this, there is an added bonus of efficiency because building the walls of a home with ICF s can take one half of the time (or less) of conventional construction.

The really good news is that now everyone can afford to live in one of these homes; everyone who is concerned about future energy costs and their environment .

The initial investment is only about 10% more than the old way of building (wood-frame); but considerably less when you think of the long term costs of energy and maintenance.

Adding other energy efficient features, such as High Efficiency Tank-Less Water Heaters that can heat your whole house while giving you an endless stream of hot water; High Efficiency Low-E Argon Windows, Heat Recovery Ventilators connected to an Earth Energy system that pre-conditions incoming air, and Radiant Floor Heating which gives you the ultimate in comfort with body temperature heated floors, can slash 50% off of a homeowner s monthly heating and cooling bills.

Gone are the days of buying a home for appearance sake only. A little bit of effort and common sense can go a long way in making your home more energy-efficient. New homebuyers are consciously choosing to make informed decisions concerning their future and that of their family s future. They are turning to homes which are more energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly in addition to paying them dividends for years to come.