EKCS A Guide to the World Market

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A practical guide to shopping on the internet, particularily for out-of-country sites.

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For years there have been stories like the New York mogul who ordered fresh baguettes flown in by the Concord supersonic jet every morning from a bakery in Paris. In Toronto I can get apples from South Africa and even garlic from China.

Recent, wild currency fluctuations has spurred more cross country purchases than ever before, and itos not just a matter of going from Toronto to Buffalo either! http://www.nextag.com and http://yahoo.shoptoit.ca/ are sites with all kinds of rankings and security features where every manner of consumer products can be delivered right to your door. A new site, http://consumercontractor.com even sells complex HVAC systems and other equipment for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

So, together with you checking out the newspaper flyers, you should surf the web for the most appropriate products at the best prices. Just make sure you factor in delivery costs, warranty exclusions and possible sales taxes and/or customs charges. Phoning the manufacturer’s customer service line before you buy and asking questions about the product will help greatly in making an informed decision. Going into the manufactureros website may give you detailed specifications, photos, installation guides, add-ons, etc. that will make your purchase a rewarding one.

Search on Google for a particular model serial number — quite often you’ll find a critic / evaluation of that particular model. You may also find comparisons with other similar models.

Make sure that you take advantage of coupons and special discounts that many sites offer. Enquire about second address delivery service, insurance, return policy, gift wrapping and personal card services. Will there be a re-stocking fee?

Many times you will be dealing with a different currencies; http://www.globexgx.com is a good site to exchange and transfer money. Make sure the website is secure; http://www.paypal.com is an example of a secure method of payment.

Keep asking questions by phone, fax, blog and/or e-mail until you are satisfied that you have the perfect product for the best terms and conditions.

Brian Corcoran