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(NC)-Popular myths have led many to believe that mental health disorders are untreatable. As a result, a lot of people who suffer don’t seek help. In fact most mental disorders are treatable. The treatment success rate for schizophrenia is 60 percent, 65 percent for major depression, and 80 percent for bipolar disorder. The success rate for treatments of heart disease, on the other hand, is only 40 – 50 percent.
A variety of treatments are available to improve symptoms. In fact, for most mental disorders there is more than one proven treatment. Most fall under two general categories, psychosocial and pharmacological. The combination of the two – known as multimodal therapy – can sometimes be even more effective than each individually.
Although there is a wide range of treatments, the stigma and fear associated with mental illness prevents many from seeking help. The longer mental illness goes untreated the more serious, and less treatable, the illness can become. Early identification and intervention of mental illness is key to getting your life back on track.
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