Dwarfism and Self-Esteem

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The article talks about dwarfism, an illness which causes abnormal growth. People with this illness may have anxiety attacks because of mockery and discrimination of other people. Though there are many medications available to treat this sickness. It is important to nurture the self-esteem of these individuals to avoid anxiety attacks.

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In the 1960’s, “The Smurfs” became a hit on television. It is an animated series that features dwarf-like characters that walk, run, and talk. They are like human beings except the fact that they are miniature in size. Sad to say that there are individuals today that suffer from a condition which results in extreme small size proportions. Dwarfism is the term that medical specialists refer to as an abnormality in height that is mainly caused by genetics. People with this illness usually have short structures, bones, arms, and legs. Additionally these people may have difficulty in breathing because of small chests.

Medical studies show that the most common form of dwarfism is achondroplasia, which generates short limbs, increased spinal curves, and deformation of the skull. Abnormalities in the chromosomes and pituitary glands may lead to dwarfism. The common origin of this illness according to reports are genetic. People with dwarfism have normal intelligence though there are some cases that certain individuals have impaired mental abilities. The sexual health of people with dwarfism are normal in most cases.

This disorder could be an inherited trait or abnormal bone or cartilage development. In the long run because it may lead to loss of mobility. In some occasions these conditions may lead to inability to walk and function improperly. There are cases however that children with dwarfism die because of lack of medical treatment. This is because the pituitary gland influences the growth and metabolism of the body.
People with dwarfism especially children may develop social anxiety disorder because of discrimination and other forms of mockery by normal people.

There are medically approved treatments for dwarfism. Proper medical care can relieve many of the symptoms of dwarfism. Surgery can be done to improve the some of the spine, hip, and leg problems of people with dwarfism. These operations may lead to relieved pain that are brought by by the wear and tear of the joints that occurs because of limited flexibility. Excessive weight may have negative impacts to people with orthopedic problems. Having a healthy diet may help shed off unwanted pounds. Increasing physical activity without putting excess stress on the bones may help people with dwarfism. It is advised that one consult specialists for these tasks.

Some medical practitioners have approved the use of growth hormone treatment for teens and kids with hormone deficiency. This treatment according to studies may add about 2-3 inches to a person’s height. This move however should improve a licensed doctor and should be done extreme care and precaution.

Though there are many safe and effective ways of treating dwarfism some individuals decide to take matters into their own hands. Reports say that there are some people who use growth hormones without the doctor’s consent. Some of the substances used are either over the counter or banned. Reports say, growth hormones if used improperly may bring serious side effects like fluid retention, joint pain, and and nerve compression symptoms. Other side effect may include ear infections and ear problems. Less common side effects are abdominal pain or bloating, headache, nausea, vomiting, or skin rash.

Normal individuals may help people with dwarfism live the best of their lives by improving his/her sense of independence and self esteem. Anxiety attacks may be avoided if one’s attitude and expectations give significance to their self-esteem. These people should realize that they are loved and not mocked.