Develop Fantastic Health And Well Being Fast! Tim Webb

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Many people want a miracle method of obtaining good health and peace of mind. However, there isn’t one!
Having said that there are protocols that if followed on a daily basis will give you the best possible chance of having and keeping robust health in all seasons.
1. Physical Movement
Get that body moving!
This is SO important. It can help rid the body of unwanted pounds, boost self-esteem, prolong life, and provide greater energy in daily activities.
Use methods and movements that are holistic in nature, emphasising internal and external health, and that promote energy as opposed to sapping it!
Activities such as Yoga and some of the most recent exercise classes (that focus on martial arts movements for example) are great ways to to use your body in a total manner.
Try to avoid isolating each muscle group while training.
Use your body as a unit and feel your energy soar!
2. A Little Each Day
Try and do SOMETHING each day.
No, I’m not talking about intense sessions each day. Instead stagger intensity levels throughout the week.
It is amazing how many people do NOT do this and simply ruin their bodies!
Some days you might do a little light stretching and meditation, while on another you might perform vigorous deep breathing exercises and a gym session.
The point is this. The body was made to be used and moved. Keep the below quote in mind.
“It is better to wear out than rust out”
3. Mix It Up
Don’t eat the same things each day.
Keep your diet full of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, lean protein sources, and plenty of carbohydrates if you are exercising regularly.
Do NOT fall into the trap of the fad diets that are prevalent nowadays.
To exclude, for however long, whole (and massively important) parts of a well rounded diet is ludicrous and dangerous.
Try and eat every two to three hours (and eat within the first hour after exercise) and you will be feeling awesome!
4. Positive Thoughts
Try this little test.
Monitor how many times in just three hours you are thinking in a negative fashion. Try this today.
I expect the number of times is higher than it should be.
Yes, it takes effort to be positive! The mind will often take the easy (and non productive) route of spiralling into negativity and procrastination.
It requires effort but is the hallmark of successful people. Take time for yourself each day and be goal focused and forcefully positive!
Even if done for just five minutes each day this will make you a happier, more fullfilled, person.
OK. There they are. Common sense points that can change you for the better fast if applied.
Start applying today!
(c) Tim Webb 2006