Depression Would Be Second Largest Illness By 2010! Jasdeep

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World Health Organization states one out of four worldwide suffer from various forms of mental, behavioral and neurological disorders. Are you one of them?
It has also been estimated that depression would be the second largest illness by 2010 keeping in mind its pace by which it is affecting people world over. Here is some statistics for you: Experts in the field of mental health claim that more than half a billion people worldwide suffer from psychiatric disorders, which include abuse owing to drugs and alcohol, epilepsy, dementia, schizophrenia and stress related disorders. To break up, we have around 400 million people suffering from anxiety disorders, 340 million from mood disorders, 250 million cases of personality disorders, 100 million cases of alcohol dependence and 45 million cases of schizophrenia Rest, calculation is left for you.
The definition of health as been stated by World Health Organizationincludes physical, social, emotional and logical well being. Out of these four parameters, three are related to mental health. So, now you know how important is mental health for you and we tend to ignore it the most.
Most of us believe, especially who are suffering from mental illness, that Depression and other mental disorders are not curable. Again the specialists, doctors and psychiatric in this field totally feel the opposite. Not just its their profession but it has been proved too. With proper aid, guidance and medicines treatment of mental health is very much possible.
Studies at Harvard has proved that women are more vulnerable to depression than men. For every men suffering with depression, there are two women and one out of eight women have an episode of major depression in her life. Major factors responsible for this result are difference in genes, stress,pregnancy, acknowledgement of symptoms, premenstrual disturbances. Heredity accounts for up to 50 percent of the risk of depression. Well that was really an eye-opener!
Depression is basically psychological disorder involving your body, mood, feelings, and even thoughts. Depression causes the change in the way you think, feel about yourself or about other things, behavior, and your well-being. Depression, if left as it is, can last for months or even years.
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