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The tradition of earth building is again enjoying a revival in North America. People from all over are looking for building methods which use ecological and sustainable resources. Cob buildings meets these standards. It is an easy to learn technique using locally available resources a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water to build the walls. Cob walls are extremely durable, lasting for centuries, and create no pollution or disposal problems. Cob structures are well suited to a variety of temperate climates. They can withstand earthquakes, won’t catch fire, are energy efficient and inexpensive to build.

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How To Build With Cobb

Clay, sand and straw is mixed by foot on a tarp or with a cement mixer for faster results. Clay acts as the glue, sand hardens the structure, and the straw works like rebar to give the walls strength.

Cob is Mixed into a dough like consistency, and then placed into walls up to two foot thick and worked in to create a monolithic wall structure. No forms are used, and the builder can create it into any shape.