Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #29

Tami Close
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Divine One,
What joys did you experience today? When we have the relationship with ourselves and the one who created us, we have mastered God’s intention for us and living in pure joy of being. His plan is to take care of everything else and make life simple and effortlessly. Do we always listen to His message?
I wasn’t listening myself recently. I had been on such a great course with giving myself down time for a nice relaxing bath, reading, meditation and journaling before going to sleep, but over the past few months I hadn’t been doing this. Guess what happened? I was experiencing the “out of balance” blues. I was feeling this inner turmoil….all because I wasn’t spending the quality time with myself and God at night. Then an angel gave me a wake up call. Thank you, God.
While I was driving I got pulled over for speeding by an angel in a policeman’s uniform; I haven’t gotten a ticket since I was 21 years old. Yes, he did write me a ticket. His message to me was “slow down.” We never know who God intends to show up for us; we just know that people in our lives show up for a reason. Remember there are no accidents, only synchronicity.
Slow down!! I’ve taken that to heart and have made some changes. I was meant to slow down, not only driving, but in my daily life. I get off track too and need to be reminded…..WHOA Tami!!
What does slow down mean to me? It means I’m living in the present being grateful for drinking water, brushing my teeth, taking a hot shower, nice comfy bed, my family, my friends. In addition, I am spending the much needed time at night to commune with God.
What does slow down mean to you? Take some time and write down what it means. Where do you need to slow down? Who is your angel showing up for you? Maybe it’s your child, your significant other, your parent, your co-worker. Whomever it is, listen to God’s message he or she is delivering.
All the books I read say to live in the present, live in the here and now. It’s also God’s message to us. Remember He takes care of the rest.
Love and hugs,
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