Clear Skin Without Cleansers

Don Amodeo
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Is it really possible to get clear skin without using cleansers? Most people will probably tell you no. However, chances are that if you look at a lot of the people you know with clear skin, you’ll find that many of them do not have to use cleansers. In fact, a lot of people with clear skin seldom do more than rinse their face with water. Maybe all those cleansers you’re using to try and fight acne are not really the answer.
A few years ago I was living in the dorms at my college, trying everything to win the battle against acne that had plagued me for so long. I’m a guy, but my list of skin care products was well beyond what most girls I knew possessed. I had a full selection of acne products, including antibacterial soaps, creams, wipes, toners, pore cleansers, and more. I treated my face at least three times per day with the system I developed, and managed to keep my acne from getting too horrible, although it was never really gone. The worst were the large cystic lumps that would occasionally pop up, and nothing really worked against them.
What would drive me crazy was that while I slaved away at trying to keep my face halfway presentable, my roommate who barely washed his face always had clear skin! There were people in that dorm with perfectly clear skin, whose personal hygiene habits would make baboons cringe!
Even back in high school, I remembered staring into the mirror while washing my face with a three-step system and wondering: “does anybody else really have to do this?” There had to be a better way.
Determined to find a real, long-term clear skin solution, I turned to the source of all random knowledge and gossip: the internet.
Visiting acne message boards, I found plenty of unorthodox treatments, but a lot of them sounded too much like the temporary fixes I had already been using. The only one that really stood out was vitamin B5.
The testimony I had heard from B5 users sounded almost too good to be true, and the fact that these people were talking about a generic vitamin rather than a name brand product made the testimony that much more interesting. The doses required were large, but since the vitamin was water-soluble and had no side effects, I decided it was worth the trouble. My father also happens to be a doctor, and he confirmed that B5 was harmless before I started using it.
My results were fast, and different from any acne treatment I had used before. After four days, my face began to feel less oily and I noticed the redness in my acne diminishing. Many of the smaller zits I had just disappeared. I did not get clear skin all at once, but within weeks I simply ceased to get new zits, and surprisingly, my face stayed that way. I know it sounds corny, but I really felt like I had discovered this big secret that I wanted to share with world.
After a few months I was able to reduce my dosage of vitamin B5 and still keep my skin clear. The tons of skin care products I had accumulated began collecting dust, and my only regret was how much money I had wasted on all those temporary treatments. It just felt great not having to worry about a system of cleansers. I rinsed my face in the morning and at night, and that was it. In a word, I was “normal”.
So if you’re looking for a real acne solution, my advice is to skip the cleansers and give B5 a shot. Having clear skin without cleansers is not as crazy as it sounds, it’s actually the most natural solution out there.