Clean Fresh Air Required? Air Purifiers Are Your Answer

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Brief introduction of air purifiers, what are the types available and how they work.

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If you are living in the city, chances are you will be tired of leaving the windows open to air out your home, trying out all sorts of plug-in flower-scented air fresheners out in the market or using aromatherapy to get better quality for you and your family. All these solutions are at best temporary or worst, they might even cause the air you breathe in to have unnecessary pollutants. Well, an air purifier may be your best answer to get clean fresh air.

Natural Air Purifiers

How natural can one get? Remember the days living in the country where you get fresh pristine air? Look around and you are likely to find what else but living plants!

The best natural way is to have living plants into your home! Plants are known to be capable of naturally removing carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. They can also take benzene out of the air, which is found in oils, gasoline, rubber, and paints. All of these substances are known to be irritating odors.

Recommended common household plants known for being exceptionally good filters include Gerbera Daisy, English Ivy, and Mums.

Some people recommend burning candles, particularly beeswax candles, to work as a natural air purifier against odors. There are scented and unscented varieties, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Candles don’t really address the cause of the odor, they can temporarily “clean” a home or office by “masking” out the unwanted scent. If you really think that candle is a good solution for your home, try to use beeswax candles. They are the best and they usually burn longer, give out less smoke and are drip-less & soot free. These are available at most discount and interior decorating stores, as well as online.

Another popular way to get rid of odors is to use spray air fresheners. Try to use the types not only work against the odors but also acts as a disinfectant. These air fresheners do kill odor-causing viruses and bacteria, but they are only effective on the area where they are sprayed.

The UV Air Purifier

Although you have the natural air purifiers in place with the plants and candles, they might not be enough. In addition, candles can actually add more irritants to the air. If you really want to take clean the air in your apartment, you really need to invest in a good UV air purifier.

Other harder to get rid odors include those caused by bacteria. Examples of odor-causing bacteria can be found in diapers, bathrooms, and in your garbage. This type of odor are not easy to get rid of and certainly not by simply opening windows, burning some candles or growing flowers.

Bottomline is bacteria is the culprit, they caused these smells and hence you get rid of the smell, you have to get rid of the bacteria. Therefore, you will need an air purifier with a UV light. In fact, many hospitals now are using such UV air purifiersin their premises to get rid of pollutants, allergens, germs and viruses in the air.

Complexities of the technology aside, the ultra-violet light (UV) technology used in these air purifiers is actually quite easy to use. In fact, the only thing you need to be aware of is to put your UV air purifiers inside your air ducts where they can work their magic. This is because UV air purifiers require circulating air in order to bring the contaminates in the air close to the UV light in order to be zapped by the radiation.

There is another type of air purifiersystem which combines UV, HEPA and even ionizing filter together. Of course these systems do not come cheap but they work great and will help get rid of nasty odors, reduce allergens/germs and dust in the air. All in one!