Chronic Depression Can Cause The Blues

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Depression is a common problem with many people from all walks of life and is never talked about openly. Why is this so? Depression can be a debilitating ilness that is suffered in solitude by many, with no one to talk to and expose their real feelings.

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Chronic depression blues – Why do we feel so depressed? What makes us feel depressed? Will these feelings of depression ever go away?

I’m sure that most people have suffered from “the blues” at some stage in their lives, but for some people suffering from chronic depression, it is a lot like having “the blues” every day of the week. Does chronic depression set in and never go away? Why do some of us have to suffer like this and how often to you think to yourself ‘just get over it and sort yourself out’? How often do you think ‘maybe if I just start exercising every day, take time out to read, try and create a more positive attitude, it will all be ok’.

The truth is by doing this it can help, but even though this easy technique sounds simple, it is not. When suffering from chronic depression it is very hard to motivate yourself even though you know that this is what you have to do. You feel so miserable that you just don’t have the motivation to exercise or the concentration to read anything. It is very difficult to think positive thoughts when you’re down and your mind is full of so many negative thoughts. At first you begin with a huge effort to do something. Maybe go for regular walks over a couple of days, or you may even go into a book store to buy a novel that you think you might enjoy. This action will sometimes improve positive thinking for a short time, but usually it seems like such an effort to keep it up.
In the end you cry out ‘who am I fooling’. You put the book aside or you stop walking. You are back to feeling depressed again. The problem is now you feel even more depressed because you tried and in your own mind you failed. This is not true. Start again.

Can these feelings of depression ever go away and stay away? Do we need a mentor, a friend or even a relative who can help and guide us day after day? Can we organise to go on regular walks together or visit interesting places? Can they help to stimulate positive feelings within us? Can they make us laugh and be happy again?
Sometimes the problem with people, who have never suffered from chronic depression, is that they don’t quite understand what it really is. They are generally feeling positive about themselves and don’t understand how we feel. The common answer that most people will come up with to remedy your chronic depression is ‘I wish they’d just get over it and move on’. It’s funny though. This is how I use to think about people with depression myself before I had it. So for a person who doesn’t quite know what the feeling of chronic depression is like, would they really want to help someone on a daily basis to ‘get over it and move on’. You will never know until you ask.

Just a warning about befriending others. People with chronic depression will always feel more comfortable in the company of other sufferers. If you want to break the cycle and feel more positive about yourself, then you must only seek out positive people as close friends and mentors. When you are with positive people always try and imitate their positive feelings. Believe me. If you have chronic depression you will have to work very hard at this. Remember that people with positive feelings will try and avoid you if you are negative all the time.


For some with diagnosed chemical imbalances, medication such as antidepressants can be an alternative option. This medication generally gives a person with chronic depression a feeling of euphoria and well being. Medication works, but it only works if you use the correct amount all the time, at the right dosage. These drugs are a great tool to stimulate positive thoughts and an ‘I can do it’ attitude. But unfortunately these drugs only last for a short time and the side effects can be devastating. Along with the feeling of the withdrawal symptoms by removing the drug, you can sink to an even lower level of depression than before. This will happen very quickly and can sometimes be very dangerous to your well being.


Talking to a professional therapist could be the answer for some people. A therapist is trained to listen and they do understand how you feel with chronic depression. Prepare to spend a lot of time with your therapist, so find one that you can trust. It will always feel better to talk about your depression to someone that you can trust. But like a drug the withdrawal symptoms of stopping your therapist visits can be just as disastrous. Those negative feelings return again.

Face your fears. Why not stand up to you’re demons that are causing your chronic depression. Try and delve deep into yourself for that unpleasant experience or feeling and understand why you got depressed in the first place. Unfortunately you may have a chemical imbalance and only drugs or a change in diet may help.
But what if there is a bad experience that has triggered your chronic depression. Do something about it. You may even be depressed just because you haven’t taken any action at all. Tell yourself you can do it. You don’t want to be depressed forever. Do something everyday that will change the way that you feel. Face your worries head on.

Say good bye to chronic depression and “The Blues” felling.