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EVERY Sickness & Disease Begins On a CELLULAR Level
The human body contains around 80 to 100 TRILLION CELLS! It is an incredibly complex system of resources that is necessary to keep this machine called a human body working. If we are to address any issue in the body or help keep the body functioning, we must learn how to provide our bodies with the necessary resources it needs in the correct form. This all occurs on a cellular level.
Around 60 million of body cells die and rebuild EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY! To keep this fantastic process going 24 hours a day, we must provide each and every living cell in our bodies 5 specific resources:
Minerals Vitamins Oxygen Water Proteins The Bloodstream Is the “River Of Life”
Our blood circulates through our body for very important reasons, to carry oxygen and other key elements INTO every cell in our body and to carry dead cells, wastes and contaminants OUT OF our body through natural biological processes.
Because this must occur to keep our trillions of cells alive, the bloodstream is literally the “River of Life”. It is the messenger which transports the RESOURCES in the form of NUTRIENTS throughout the body. The level of cellular health within the body can be directly traced to the types of resources we consume through food and drink everyday. If we were to look at our cells under a microscope, we could identify many, many “inferior” dying or mutated cells in people who consume low nutrient or poorly prepared foods. Conversely, we could identify many, many “superior” health cells in people who consume well-prepared or raw foods high in nutrient value.
The key is simple; everything you put into your mouth has consequences. What you eat and drink everyday has a direct result reflected in your current health and energy levels. When cellular resources deplete, the aging process begins to accelerate.
The 4 Stages of “Degenerative Health
As we grow older, we often find that we have less energy, we are sick more; issues, re-occurring symptoms, conditions, and often diseases begin to occur more often. Fundamentally, this is a direct result of depleting cell health. We call this condition “Degenerative health -or- the Aging Process.
The 4 Stages of “Degenerative Health (The Aging Process)
Stage 1 -Cell Health Depletes
No symptoms are visible. You feel fine regardless of what you are eating. Your body is responding to nutritional deficiencies without any symptoms.
Stage 2 -Organ and Gland Reserves Are Drained
Still, no outward symptoms are visible. Internally, your body is working hard to balance cellular resources. Your internal organ cellular health is changing and beginning to mutate. Gland and organ are no longer functioning at a normal level.
Stage 3 -Microscopic Changes in Living Tissue
Sub-clinical symptoms begin to surface You begin to feel different or worse. Your energy is down. Occasional internal or external pain is occasionally noticed. Gland and organ are now functioning at nominal levels. Worry begins to creep into your conscious thoughts and habits.
Stage 4 -Macroscopic Changes in Living Tissue
Clinical symptoms appear. Disease often sets in and is diagnosed. Many physical and mental challenges begin to surface. Often physical exhaustion and difficulty sleeping occur. Glands and organs are now functioning at low levels. Real fear sets in and people often don’t know where to turn. Although the above information is accurate and somewhat disturbing, there is always hope.
Your body CAN regenerate cellular health from Stage 4 (or any other stage) and return to optimal health with RESOURCES and a PLAN.
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